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A Fully Integrated Approach

School Outreach

Afterschool Programs

A Variety of Classes & Schools

NorCal School of the Arts offers After School Programs to include theater, music or dance classes as well as an opportunity to bring a fully produced play or musical to your school. NorCal is at the following schools for the 2023-2024 school year:

Abraham Lincoln Elementary | Alice Birney Elementary | Arthur A. Benjamin Health Professionals High | Bowling Green Charter School | Bret Harte Elementary | California Middle | Camellia Basic Elementary | Caroline Wenzel Elementary | Creative Connections High | Harkness Elementary | Hollywood Park Elementary | Isabelle Jackson Elementary | James Marshall Elementary | John Cabrillo Elementary | John D. Sloat Elementary | Kennedy High | Leonardo Davinci K-8 | Nicholas Elementary  | Oakridge Elementary | Pacific Elementary | Pony Express Elementary  | Rolling Hills Middle | Washington Elementary | West Campus High (PRODUCTION of "Mean Girls") William C. Wood Middle | William Land Elementary | Williamson Elementary

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Transformative Theater Arts & SEL Integration

Theater Arts & SEL Integration (Classroom)

Through NorCal’s Theater Arts & SEL Integration program for classrooms, students utilize their creativity, learn collaboration and communication skills as Social Emotional Learning signature practices are woven into each class. Each lesson will incorporate VAPA, SEL and ELA standards and support student identity development with lesson plans that are culturally responsive and inclusive of emerging bilingual learners. Northern California School of the Arts is offering Theater Arts/Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Integrated classes during the school day at the following schools for the 2022-2023 school year:

Pacific Elementary | Tahoe Elementary | John Cabrillo Elementary | Peter Burnett Elementary | Edward Kemble Elementary | H.W. Harkness Elementary | Father Keith B. Kenny Elementary | Nicholas Elementary | Abraham Lincoln Elementary | Ethel Phillips Elementary | Washington Elementary | James Marshall Elementary | AM Winn Waldorf K-8 School | David Lubin Elementary | John D. Sloat Elementary | Rosa Parks Elementary | Martin Luther King Jr. K-8 School | Sam Brannan Middle School | Parkway Elementary | West Campus High School | Will C. Wood Middle School | Leataata Floyd Elementary | Isador Cohen Elementary | William Land Elementary | Capital City Elementary | Pony Express Elementary | Hiram Johnson High School | O.W. Erlewine Elementary | New Joseph Bonnheim Elementary

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Transformative Theater Arts & Conflict Resolution

Theater Arts & Conflict Resolution Integration (Classroom)

In this series of workshops for the classroom, NorCal emphasizes "Conflict Resolution" strategies for students. The mental health of students as well as students inability to engage with peers is promoting violence and destructive coping mechanisms. NorCal teaching artists use theater arts as a tool to teach and practice conflict resolution strategies in the classroom to engage students and promote positive connections to peers while building community thus decreasing the risk factors associated with violence.

In Fall 2022, NorCal School of the Arts was awarded a federal grant to provide Title 1 schools in the City of Sacramento with a Theater Arts/SEL and Conflict Resolution Integration program. NorCal’s curriculum engages students in conflict resolution and violence prevention strategies through a kinesthetic, artistic approach using theater arts exercises, theater games. Press release:

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What Others Have To Say

"I am so grateful for the Northern California Arts School because it is helping my most quiet students blossom and speak out. They are taking chances that otherwise they wouldn't."

Sandra Naranjo | Ethel Phillips Elementary Teacher

"Love the attention given to each student. The students feel very comfortable expressing themselves."

Amanda Diaz | SCUSD Teacher

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