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Afterschool Programs

A Variety of Classes & Schools

NorCal School of the Arts offers After School Programs to include theater, music or dance classes as well as an opportunity to bring a fully produced play or musical to your school. NorCal is at the following schools for the 2023-2024 school year:

Abraham Lincoln Elementary | Alice Birney Elementary | Arthur A. Benjamin Health Professionals High | Bowling Green Charter School | Bret Harte Elementary | California Middle | Camellia Basic Elementary | Caroline Wenzel Elementary | Creative Connections High | Harkness Elementary | Hollywood Park Elementary | Hubert Bancroft Elementary | Isabelle Jackson Elementary | James Marshall Elementary | John Cabrillo Elementary | John D. Sloat Elementary | Kennedy High | Leonardo Davinci K-8 | Nicholas Elementary  | Oakridge Elementary | Pacific Elementary | Parkway Elementary | Pony Express Elementary  | Rolling Hills Middle | Washington Elementary | West Campus High (PRODUCTION of "Mean Girls") William C. Wood Middle | William Land Elementary | Williamson Elementary

This activity is funded in part by the California Arts Council, a State agency.

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Transformative Theater Arts & SEL Integration

Theater Arts & SEL Integration (Classroom)

Through NorCal’s Theater Arts & SEL Integration program for classrooms, students utilize their creativity, learn collaboration and communication skills as Social Emotional Learning signature practices are woven into each class. Each lesson will incorporate Arts, SEL and ELA standards and support student identity development with lesson plans that are culturally responsive and inclusive of emerging bilingual learners. Northern California School of the Arts is offering Theater Arts/Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Integrated classes during the school day at the following schools for the 2023-2024 school year:

A.M. Winn Elementary | Abraham Lincoln Elementary | Arthur A. Benjamin Health Professionals High School | Bowling Green Chacon | Bret Harte Elementary | California Middle School | Charles Mack Elementary | C.K. McClatchy High School | Ethel I. Baker Elementary | Ethel Phillips Elementary | Father Keith B. Kenny Elementary | Herman Leimbach Elementary | H.W. Harkness Elementary | Hollywood Park Elementary | James Marshall Elementary | John Bidwell Elementary | John D. Sloat Elementary | John Reith Elementary | Leataata Floyd Elementary | Leonardo DaVinci K-8 | Martin Luther King Jr. K-8 School | Matsuyama Elementary | New Joseph Bonnheim Elementary | Nicholas Elementary | O.W. Erlewine Elementary | Oak Ridge Elementary | Pacific Elementary | Parkway Elementary | Phoebe Hearst Elementary | Pony Express Elementary | Rosa Parks Elementary | Sam Brannan Middle School | Sutterville Elementary | Suy:u Elementary | Tahoe Elementary | Union House Elementary | Washington Elementary | West Campus High School | William Land Elementary | Williamson Elementary | Woodbine Elementary | Yav Pem Suab Academy

This activity is funded in part by the California Arts Council, a State agency.

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Transformative Theater Arts & Conflict Resolution

Theater Arts & Conflict Resolution Integration (Classroom)

In this series of workshops for the classroom, NorCal emphasizes "Conflict Resolution" strategies for students. The mental health of students as well as students inability to engage with peers is promoting violence and destructive coping mechanisms. NorCal teaching artists use theater arts as a tool to teach and practice conflict resolution strategies in the classroom to engage students and promote positive connections to peers while building community thus decreasing the risk factors associated with violence.

In Fall 2022, NorCal School of the Arts was awarded a federal grant to provide Title 1 schools in the City of Sacramento with a Theater Arts/SEL and Conflict Resolution Integration program. NorCal’s curriculum engages students in conflict resolution and violence prevention strategies through a kinesthetic, artistic approach using theater arts exercises, theater games. Press release:

This activity is funded in part by the California Arts Council, a State agency.

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Classroom Outreach Testimonials!

"I am so grateful for the Northern California Arts School because it is helping my most quiet students blossom and speak out. They are taking chances that otherwise they wouldn't."

Sandra Naranjo | Ethel Phillips Elementary Teacher

"Love the attention given to each student. The students feel very comfortable expressing themselves."

Amanda Diaz | SCUSD Teacher

"Our teaching artist has been GREAT! I appreciated that all her lessons were grade appropriate. The kids are VERY sad that their time with her is over. My students were ALWAYS engaged with our teaching artist. They had the BEST time! We want her back next year!"

Tracy Yee | EGUSD Teacher

"We are the luckiest class to have had [our teaching artist]. Thank you so very much for providing this valuable program for us! Wish we had it all year long!"

Karen Lessman | EGUSD Teacher

"The whole program was very well done! It was very engaging and the students loved it each time! Wonderful program, thank you for the opportunity!"

Katherine Kido | EGUSD Teacher

"I just wanted to give an extra shout-out to [our teaching artist] for working well with my autistic student today. He often struggles to participate in theater, and today [our teaching artist] took extra time to talk with him and help get him involved. "

Karly Graham-Perez | EGUSD Teacher

"The teaching artist was amazing. Her energy was so fun and very empowering for all students. She was prepared and was very clear about her learning targets. Students were excited and engaged. I appreciated all the time she spent with my class. She took the time to make sure ALL students got a chance to participate and "be heard." "

Grace Leung-Yip | EGUSD Teacher

"Thank you for this initiative and giving our students an opportunity to grow with a healthy mindset."

Carmen Hernandez | EGUSD Teacher

"The children are learning to make eye contact with each other, listen to each other, and wait for their turns."

Jessica Kapucinski | SCUSD Teacher

"All the activities continue to help my students learn to express themselves artistically. The students are feeling more comfortable with the activities that allow them to make artistic choices. Many have expressed that they are still shy but they're getting more comfortable performing in front of the class. "

Koy Saechao | SCUSD Teacher

"The activities that involve body movement as a form of expression have helped my Newcomers/English Learners in the class come out of their shell and have encouraged them to share and participate in class."

Lissa Alvarado | SCUSD Teacher

"The children always have a good time and have been using what they learn during [our teaching artist's sessions throughout the week. After she left today one of the students said, "I like it when [our teaching artist] comes; she is friendly and kind.""

Suzanne Gonzales | SCUSD Teacher

"We really enjoyed this art program and [our teaching artist] had a wonderful rapport with the students. Many students commented that they had never had an art class and really valued this experience. Thank you for this opportunity. "

Sarah Rankins | SCUSD Teacher

"We had Parent-Teacher Conferences and all of the parents stated that they were so happy with [our teaching artist] and the kids always talk about how fun the Theater class is and how great she is, I completely agree with them!"

Tania Huerta-Espinoza | SCUSD Teacher

"The students enjoyed the program and will miss having theater arts. It was great to see them use their imagination and be creative as well as problem solve."

Laurie Kojima-Black | SCUSD Teacher

"Teaching artist was able to keep the young students' attention for a long stretch of time through animation, articulation, timely feedback, and positive reinforcement. He is attentive to students' learning styles and provide encouragement to students who are shy. "

Ann Go | SCUSD Teacher

"I appreciate [my teaching artist's] patience with my class. I have a lot of very SHY students and each week she tries some of the same challenging activities for them. They have definitely come out of their shells at their own pace."

Brittany Barbone | SCUSD Teacher

"All of the games and activities go over beautifully. We see even the shy scholars come out of their shells! Thank you so much for doing what you do!"

Ian Johnson | SCUSD Teacher

"My parents were sending me messages last week saying how much their kids love this program and [the teaching artist]. This program is so wonderful."

Becky Van Nest | SCUSD Teacher

"There was a lot of physical movement and togetherness in [the lesson] which allows [my students] time to connect, move their bodies and experience some teamwork in a kinesthetic way. "

Jennifer Dilly | SCUSD Teacher

"I loved that my students were working individually, collaboratively, and sharing their feelings about the lessons of the day."

Kiersten Overby | SCUSD Teacher

"[My teaching artist] is making a connection with students and understands their needs well. I am seeing an improvement in participation and positive behaviors because she has a patient and positive classroom management style. She was able to be flexible and tailor the lessons to the class and individual students."

Eliseo Perez | SCUSD Teacher

"I liked that they [are] learning to be cognizant of how it feels when people listen to their ideas."

Christina Coppola | SCUSD Teacher

"My students and I feel very privileged to have these SEL teachers teach all this important information in a fun way. "

Guadalupe Reyes-Campos | SCUSD Teacher

"[My teaching artist] does a wonderful job of looking back and reviewing past learning with the students. He weaves it into the current lesson and helps students to make connections. This really helps them to understand and internalize what they are learning so that they are more likely to apply the skills outside of class."

Kirsten Tahara | SCUSD Teacher

"My students told me they come to school on Mondays because [my teaching artist] will be visiting us."

Suki Maharaj | SCUSD Teacher

"Students were able to express different emotions and how they physically and facially looked. Students were also able to help build conflict resolution [skills] during role plays, poems, and stilled portraits."

Ngaokala Lee | SCUSD Teacher

"[My teaching artist] has formed such a meaningful and necessary bond with my students. She puts so much into her interactions with them. I really appreciate what she has accomplished with my class. "

Jani Winchester | SCUSD Teacher


Expanded Learning Testimonials!

"Amazing communication skills from Ms. Emilee, the program manager, as well as any staff she sends to facilitate the sessions. Our students are always engaged with the activities they provide. Our sitewide favorite provider."

Camille Nolen | Isador Cohen Elementary School

"Students look forward to Thursday when NorCal is scheduled. NorCal [teaching artist] is able to encourage the students to participate and share their thoughts. She provides the students a safe space to get them out of their comfort zone and express themselves through different activities and conversation."

LaCherryl Veal | Arthur A. Benjamin Health Professionals High School

"Nick is very animated and gets on really well with the students. Even with simple ice breaker games, he makes them very fun and engaging for students. Through NorCal sessions, students have grown to learn how to be creative and think outside of the box on the fly. Encouraging their imagination, communication, and creativity skills."

Kiarah Smith | Phoebe Hearst Elementary

"Staff are encouraging and positive, hands on and talk with the students, caring and working to bring student interest into their activities."

Michael Ramirez | Hubert Bancroft Elementary School

"NorCal Sota has excellent communication and is easily reachable and replies to emails, etc. Mr. Nick and Theatre Arts class is awesome!!! Always on time, if instructors are unavailable, they send subs to cover. Students don't miss out on class. Mr. Nick the theatre arts teacher is fantastic and keeps all students engaged and participating in their own way. Students and staff love him! Theatre arts provides a chance for students to try new things and break the ice. Instructor encourages but does not force anything."

Luis Calderon-Huezo | Hollywood Park Elementary

"Love [the teaching artist] and the way she engages with not only our students but with our staff as well. Communication with site instructor and agency manager is excellent. I aplaud [the teaching artist] for being so flexible. Students seem more confident when trying out new things. They are not afraid to try new things the first time."

Axel Tinoco | Genevieve F. Didion Elementary School

"Provider communicates schedule changes in an effective and timely manner. Provider ensures substitute instructor is available for sessions if needed. Provider ensures youth participants are engaged and enjoy the lesson plan and activities. Very effective. Provider demonstrates effective communication skills and classroom management when working with youth participants. Scholars have been able to express themselves through the performing arts program and activities. Scholars enjoy collaborating with their peers on theater activities and increase improvisational skills."

Jonathon Henderson | Father Keith B. Kenny Elementary School

"Students have become more comfortable performing in front of others. Students have become more outgoing."

Jennifer Gutierrez-Loera | Cesar Chavez Intermediate School

"They always communicate well and keep us up to date. The kids love it."

Paola Ochoa | John Bidwell Elementary

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