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"Thank you for fostering an inclusive program that gave so many of us a chance to use our voices and fall in love with our craft. I hope you know how much you inspire us and how much you’ve taught us."

Dylan Julia Cooper (Student)

"I can’t thank you enough for all the help you gave Fiona and us over the past year. Encouraging Fiona to do a “walk-in” for MSU at Unifieds might have been the best thing she ever did. And I’ll always remember the support you gave us."

Tom Ross (Parent)

"I wanted to thank you so much for bringing theater into my life and giving me the chance to meet so many wonderful, talented, and extraordinary mentors and students throughout the years I've known you. This honor wouldn't have been possible without you bringing the arts into my life in which I will always be thankful."

Antonio Hernandez (Former student & NorCal Teaching Assistant)

"The show was so impressive: casting, talented singers, actors, big dance numbers, moving sets, costumes… very well done! My daughter would come home from rehearsals full of energy and inspiration, so much so that she started songwriting (at age 7)! She was always the quiet one, and a bit in her older sister's shadow. Now she is bold and independent and charmingly sassy! Thank you for creating a safe place for her creativity to grow. Thank you for taking such great care of her as a unique little person with potential. Can't say enough good things!"

Candice, parent of 7 year old Celia, Matilda Jr. Participant

"I am so grateful to the Northern California Arts School because it is helping my most quiet students blossom and speak out. They are taking chances that otherwise they wouldn't."

Sandra Naranjo, Ethel Phillips Elementary Teacher