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Prior to the pandemic, many of today’s colleges were contending with declining enrollments and a higher percentage of students dropping out, contributing to many colleges having significant financial issues and the probability of closure. At the same time, college campuses were also dealing with the difficult circumstances associated with more and more students suffering from mental health issues.

Our success is based on...


Our expertise in the college application process in today’s ever-changing environment; and a commitment to promote our students’ self-awareness and mental wellness as they pursue and determining their best college direction.

Tools & Resources

Through the use of tools and resources, our holistic college counseling program is an individualized, identity-based approach designed to empower students so that they can:

Gain a greater understanding of their identity and a sense of purpose;

Establish and advocate for their college goals; and

Embrace their life choices.

Available Packages


The Corps In-Person Package - All &#x201C_;CORPS in_-person student members” are automatically enrolled in the full-service college counseling plan. This plan provides tools, regardless of their major, to support and guide students on how to:

  • Develop their best-fit college prospect list
  • Create a demonstrated interest plan
  • Develop their theatre resume and create an audition plan
  • Draft cohesive college applications and memorable college application essays
  • Successfully manage their application submissions
  • Navigate UNIFIEDS and Auditions (For theatre majors only)
  • Gain a greater understanding of college finance,
  • Determine their college choice with consideration to cost.

Performing Arts Corps Virtual Package - All &#x201C_;CORPS_ virtual student members” have the option of purchasing a full-service college counseling package or one or more of the individual college counseling services packages.

Non-Theatre Student Full-Service Package - This package has all the same comprehensive services as “THE CORPS PACKAGE” but is geared for the students not enrolled in the PERFORMING ARTS CORPS program.

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For students who are looking for help in specific college admissions areas, we have three available options:

College Prospect Services

This package provides one-on-one meetings with unlimited call and email access to support and guide students that help them to find their best fit colleges as we:

  • Assess academic scores, standardized test scores, and extracurricular activities;
  • Determine college prospects that correlate to assessments;
  • Find a balanced mix of 8 to 15 college prospects;
  • Create a “demonstrated interest” plan;
  • Provide financial aid guidance; and
  • Create an effective application submission plan.

College Application & Essay Prep Services

Three Summer Workshops for students to:

  • Guide students on how to write memorable and effective college applications essays; and
  • Provide one extensive college application essay critique; and
  • Provide tools to create strong college applications; and
  • Create an individualized application submission timeline.

The Final Stretch Services

One-on-one meetings with unlimited call and email access to parents and students while supporting students with:

  • College Application review
  • Timely submission of applications;
  • Critique of supplemental application essays;
  • Interview Prep;
  • Post Application support - handling deferments and waitlists
  • College selection, offer review and negotiations;
  • Prescreens, auditions, and Unifieds (BFA applicants only); and
  • Provide healthy college transition tools.
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Standard Package - Five 1-on-1 Private Student Sessions

  • Access to a selection of personalized monologues and songs
  • Pre-Screen Coaching and Viewing

Deluxe Package - Ten 1-on-1 Private Student Sessions

  • Access a selection of personalized Monologues and Songs
  • 1st choice for performing for College Master Classes
  • Professional Recording of Pre-Screen Videos
  • Pre-Screen Coaching and Reviewing
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Our Success

The team at Northern California School of the Arts is honored to have helped students get admitted into many notable colleges and BFA & BA theatre arts programs, such as: